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Florida Market Maker is a web-based search tool that connects growers to others in food production and the distribution chain. Visit http://fl.foodmarketmaker.com/to find products or register your farm.






     If you are interested in learning how to manage pests using integrated pest management (IPM) strategies on a whole farm or whole landscape level, a team of University of Florida IFAS Extension faculty has developed a series of video modules just for you. These modules were developed at the UF IFAS Suwannee Valley Agricultural Extension Center near Live Oak, FL where the 300 acre farm has been transformed into a Living IPM Laboratory putting into real life practices these IPM strategies. The farm is now implementing several innovative IPM strategies to manage pests and has reduced pesticide use by more than 50%. When you watch these short video modules, you will learn how to implement strategies such as using trap crops and insect monitoring traps; creating plant habitat for beneficial insects; using birds, bats and owls as pest predators; enhancing the landscape for native pollinators; and scouting to best target management strategies. These video modules are now available on the UF IFAS Virtual Field Day web site at (http://vfd.ifas.ufl.edu).

     The direct link to the IPM Whole Farm Modules is (http://vfd.ifas.ufl.edu/whole-farm-ipm.shtml).

This ongoing project is supported with funding from University of Florida IFAS, USDA NIFA Extension IPM Program, Southern Region IPM Center, and Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SSARE) Program, and the Suwannee Conservation District.


IPM Module Titles:

  • Whole Farm IPM Overview

  • Whole IPM Field Sites

  • Developing Habitat Areas

  • Plants That Attract Beneficial Insects

  • Role of Pollinators

  • Role of Bats and Owls

  • Role of Birds and Other Predators

  • Role of Insect Traps

  • Role of Trap Crops

  • Scouting Techniques to Manage Pests

For more information, contact:

Bob Hochmuth, Multi County Extension Agent

Suwannee Valley Agricultural Extension Center

386-362-1725 x103








Before You Tie the Knot (BYTK) is a research-based premarital education program designed to offer constructive guidance to couples as they begin their lives as a married couple. The program aims to help couples understand that it takes both partners working together to make a marriage successful.

For more information: https://reg.distance.ufl.edu/reg/Activity/Details/323AC1AD301142BCBB46653D8F811072






The 9 Important Communication $kills for Talking About Money are the most well-researched, evidence-based communication skills you can learn to discuss issues surrounding finances or other family-related matters.

For more information: