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Managerial Accounting program  The goal for the Managerial Accounting Program is to provide participants with business management tools and ideas which can be immediately implemented for their businesses. Small group discussion at the meetings will allow attendees to build upon their  business and managerial skills in order to  improve the competitive position of their ranches.  The latest key performance indicators (KPIs)  and accounting practices will be discussed at these sessions.  For more information, click on


Southern Rust on Corn

Southern Rust was detected last week in Georgia by Dr. Kemerait and most recently in Suwannee county. Leaf samples sent into UF/IFAS labs by Agronomist Patrick Troy reveal that indeed we now have both common and southern rust along with conditions favorable for its development. Fungicide sprays from tassel through V6 can be beneficial for Southern Rust control. They include inexpensive tebuconazole, and more broad spectrum strobilurins and SDHI products. Because of its potential to spread, if unprotected, farmers can loose from 25-80 bushels per acre. Please be on the lookout for raised orange-to-reddish pustules on the upper surface of the corn leaf. When brown lesions or pustules are found on both upper and lower surfaces, that typically is the sign of common rust. 

Management of Corn Diseases: Fungicide Efficacy for Control of Corn Diseases

Cattle Identification Rule

The Cattle Identification Rule (Chapter 5C-31 of the Florida Administrative Code has been published with an effective date of September 4, 2014. To find out more, click here.

What Are Agricultural Best Managyement Practices (BMP's)?

Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMPs) are practical measures that producers can take to reduce the amount of fertilizers, pesticides, animal waste, and other pollutants entering our water resources. They are designed to improve water quality while maintaining agricultural production. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) has adopted BMPs for most commodities in the state. Each BMP manual covers key aspects of water quality and water conservation. Learn more from the "BMP Update" newsletter.

Online Pesticide Tutorial

CORE Pesticide CEU Credits available through online tutorials

If you need CORE CEU's to renew your pesticide license, you can access seven tutorials that teach the safe use of pesticides and how to read an EPA-approved label on the Web for FREE. You will need to download each tutorial to your computer. You earn 1 CORE CEU for every tutorial you complete.  These tutorials will install on any Windows system, but will not run on the newer 64-bit systems.

Online Pesticide CEUs Now Avaliable

Corn Field

It's not always feasible to attend live CEU courses. While these are an invaluable resource, this website provides a quality alternative for applicators that are in need of some final CEU credits.  Click here for more information.

Ask An Agent

The place where you can ask a question or send a picture to an Extension Agent and get an answer within 24-72 hours.