Home and Community Educators


FAHCE Mission

The Florida Association for Home and Community Education (FAHCE) is a volunteer outreach organization under UF/IFAS Extension whose mission is:

  • to strengthen families through programs of community leadership and continuing education
  • to empower citizens to actively participate in public decision-making regardin issues that concern children and families
  • to promote the effectiveness of volunteer action and support

HCE  Provides the Opportunity to:

  • Network with local, community organizations and agencies by attending conferences and meetings.
  • Continuing Education: Provides curriculum for members to help adults, youth and children to ful- fill their interests and potential.
  • Develop Leadership Skills: Provides training for emerging leaders and opportunities to practice techniques to develop confidence for leadership possitions.  Home Community Leadership (HCL) is the certified leadership development program which enables citizens to better understand and influence public issues and public policy relating to families and communities.  It provides a structure to learn leadership skills and offers opportunities to practice these skills, developing confidence in leadership positions.
  • FAHCE members are friends, neighbors, family members and colleagues who take an active role in volunteering in their communities while greatly enriching their personal and professional lives.  These individuals belong to a local club which is made up of a diverse group of individuals from the communirty which the club serves.  The club convenes on a monthly basis to share talents, develop skills and gain knowledge, from an educational program presented by club leaders.


All meetings will be from 10am-2pm on Wednesdays (bring a bag lunch).  The meeting will be held and then a workday/educational program will follow.

January 13th (Extension Office)

February 10th (McAlpin Community Center)

March 9th (Extension Office)

April 13th (McAlpin Community Center)

May 11th (Extension Office)

HCE members participated in a wreath-making workshop.  Left to Right: Dorie Peterson, Carlene Polk, Bettye Bracewell, Donna Wade, Jane Whitley, Jennie Dazy, Irene Sapp, Pat Mathews.

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