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Cool-Season Forage Budgets

Cool-season forages are commonly planted in Florida to provide winter forage for cattle each year.  The cost of establishment and level of forage production are two of the most important factors in determining the profitability of using cool-season forages. The forage crop enterprise budget templates in this report were designed to assist producers in estimating the potential costs associated with the most commonly grown cool-season forage budget templates for cereal rye, annual ryegrass, oats, triticale, alfalfa, ball clover, balansa clover, berseem clover, crimson clover, hairy vetch, red clover, white clover, and combinations of cereal rye, ryegrass, oats, and triticale.  The grazing costs of each forage alternative were calculated based on planting into a prepared seedbed or no-till drilling into existing pasture. A multi-disciplinary approach involving researchers and extension personnel was used to determine production practices and input quantities to estimate the costs of production for each forage alternative.

The following cool-season forage enterprise budgets were designed to be used as a management and decision-making aid for cattle producers.  These budgets represent the typical cost of prduction for cool-season forages but may be easily modified for an individual's situation. The forage budgets include the variable costs, fixed costs, and hired labor requirements to establish and produce forages on a per-acre basis. However, the budgets do not include the cost of managing cattle on pasture since there are numerous grazing methods.

2014-2015 North Florida Cool-Season Forage Budgets

2014-2015 South Florida Cool-Season Forage Budgets


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